Natural world honoured in artistic display

THE innate beauty to be captured in the familiar patterns of the beach form the evocative heart of an exhibition in Geelong next week which combines nature photography and elements of graphic art.
Ben Lombardi’s ‘Sand and Stone on Display’ derives its inspiration from the intricate patterns formed by sand, stone, shells and water.

Lombardi returns to the solo stage

LOCAL artist and full time teacher Ben Lombardi will launch his fifth solo exhibition at Gordon Gallery next week. The exhibition will present 32 framed drawings and a series of 3D sculptures inspired by recent trips to Europe and New Zealand.

Lombardi on show

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Lorne Galleries Inaugural Exhibition

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Dalziel dazzles judges

GEELONG ADVERTISER, Thursday, April 13. 1989 — Pamela Irving Some old prints by Berardino Lombardi are among the best works in this exhibition. Utilising simple forms, the circle, square and …